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Tanzania is among traditional cashew nut producing countries in the world. It is Africa’s largest cashew nut grower after Mozambique and Ivory Coast and the world’s eighth biggest producer. Though cashew nut production has been fluctuating, the sector attained 145,000 metric tons in the year 2012. Most of the Tanzanian raw cashew nut crop, i.e. about 90 percent is exported to India as raw cashew nuts (RCN) and only a small portion, which is less than 10 percent, is processed  domestically.

It’s against this background that Kwanza Farms decided to invest in Cashew Nuts fields in the Manyoni area of Singida, United Republic of Tanzania so as to increase production and the amount of domestically processed cashew nuts beyond the current 10 percent.

However, the industry is facing challenges in processing and value addition through modern processing technology to attain improved volumes, capacities, efficiencies and quality – a gap Kwanza Farm is focused on filling.