Zambia is a landlocked country with a deficit of over 70,000 tones of fish per annum. Kwanza farms saw it viable to venture into aquaculture to feed into the market. Production at the farm started in May 2018 and at full production, we look at producing up to 48 tones per annum.

Our Farm looks at

  • Creating a sustainable commercial enterprise providing fresh fish as a protein alternative.
  • Stimulating economic growth by creating enterprise and the related employment.
  • Participating in the development of a sustainable fish production industry in Zambia.
  • Uplifting communities,

The creation of a large scale commercial enterprise in Zambia will require investment, expertise, government involvement, peer to peer support, support from educational institutions, the involvement of industry  organizations, a stable industry and a large amount of creditability to successfully be set up. The lack of any of these elements could inhibit the success of the initiatives required to achieve the strategy.