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Who We Are

Kwanza Farm is a diversified agribusiness company incorporated with the Patents and Company Registry Agency (PACRA) in the Republic of Zambia, with registration number: 120180006100 and formally operating since July 2018.

We are big believers in transformational, sustainable and impactful collaborations and thus work in partnership with vegetable and livestock farms as well as like-minded agribusinesses in the delivery of a large  number of our products and services.

As a Socially Responsible Corporation, we have undertaken to support (technically & financially) smaller farmers who share in our vision of sustainable agriculture.

We are committed to playing our part towards ensuring that Africa builds a sustainable food basket without extensive reliance on external markets

Mission Statement

To create a self-sustainable, state of the  art agri-business capable of influencing market forces through vibrant and sustainable agriculture activity that will eventually reduce risk of food insecurity and simultaneously increases the contribution to the GDP.

Vision Statement

At Kwanza Farms, our vision is to produce the highest quality agri-products and services in the most environmentally and economically sustainable manner possible. 

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Professional
  • Collaboration
  • Environmental Conscious